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One very important aspect to owning a pet of any kind and particularly a canine friend is its health. This section of the website is dedicated to dog health and the many ways we can help to keep our best friend in tip top condition.

Taking dogs for a long walk every day and making sure they keep active is one of the simpler and most enjoyable ways of looking after their health.

Exercise is every bit as good for them as it is for us.

What they eat is also a major factor in how healthy they are.

So before we even consider what the vet has to do with this particular equation, let's look at what we can do as owners to keep our dogs in the best condition we can.

Exercising a Dog

You only have to see how excited a dog gets when you head for wherever you have their leash hanging up and take it down and utter the immortal word, "Walkies!"

Tail wagging furiously and probably a good deal of barking rapidly follows as you put the lead on the dog and your coat on you before you can get out of the front door.

Even a simple walk round the block is a major adventure for a dog, with so many different smells and sights to take in. Even if you do the same route every day or multiple time each day, its like a brand new journey for any dog!

Of course they will recognise the usual landmarks, both visual and olfactory, but every day will add new odours in different places that need to be investigated thoroughly with a sensitive nose!

As long as you are fit enough to walk quickly to match your dog's eager pace, a walk on the lead is often good enough exercise for many breeds. However, there are some that need way more than that to stay fit.

Many larger breeds such as German Shepherds, Doberman's, Rotties, Labradors etc all need some off-lead running time each day. Since they can run a lot faster than we can, a big open field or park area is needed.

For city dwellers, this can be a bit limiting as there tends to be fewer such spaces and many of those come with strict rules for dogs that must remain leashed.

Out in the countryside, there are more options and better freedom for dogs to run around off-lead and have a lot of fun.

Feeding a Dog

When it comes to feeding a dog, we can find ourselves getting into controversial territory as there are divided opinions as to what is best for your dog to eat.

While many store-bought varieties of canned dog food can seem adequate, there are a lot of ingredients in that food that may not be as healthy as they look.

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