To help you find the information that you're looking for, or something special for your dog, I have searched the internetnet for some good resources of knowledge, information and products specifically for dogs. In our list you'll also find some very popular ebooks and information packs.

I have researched each product carefully to ensure they are bona fide and a true repesentation of their advertisment. I have also checked that they have been given good reviews by the dog owning community who have bought them, tried them out and given them the thumbs up.


Below are the resources I have chosen to feature on this page:


Doggy Dan's Online Dog TrainerThe most amazing and successful dog training secrets are revealed in this information-packed training package for dog owners everywhere!

Check out the top trainer from New Zealand, Doggy Dan. He guides you through how to train your dog from start to finish. He reveals all the things you thought were going to be big problems are really surmountable, achievable and doable by anyone.

He shows you how to train your dog easily and with a minimum of hassle using proven techniques that have produced great results time after time!

You can get your copy of this amazing canine training package and trial it for just $1 when you click the image above to visit Dan's official website where he tells you all about his methods on a high quality video presentation that is both informatiove and fun to watch.

Go watch it now and grab the $1 trail of Doggy Dan's Online Dog Trainer NOW!


Dog Food SecretsHave you ever wondered what was in that can of dog food you lovingly prepared for your pet every day? Whether it was good, wholesome ingredients, or maybe you never gave it much thought?

This book will show you things about the food that you are giving your dog that you probably never knew. It will also show you how you can easily alter your dog's diet to give him or her a longer, more helathy life.

CLICK HERE [link removed] to find out more about this fascinating book.


How to housebreak your puppyA new puppy is a wonderful addition to any family and they are so much fun. That's until they leave you a not-so-nice package in the corner. Guess who has to clean up after them?

Yep, it's you, isn't it?

Well, don't worry, with this book you'll have your dog or puppy housebroken in seven days and then there's no more cleaning up for you! Your family can enjoy playing with the friendly little fella and you can enjoy knowing that he'll be clean and you can relax! It's as easy as anything and you're life will definitely be made easier and cleaner with this great book.

CLICK HERE [link removed] to find out how you can get your hands on a copy.

I am reviewing and adding more books and manuals to this page all the time, so please call back again soon. If you don't see what you want, please contact me and I will endeavour to find it for you.